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I'm Elaine Gusella, the Game and Marketing Director at indie studio Artifact 5 and Program Coordinator & Faculty for Dawson College's Independent Video Game Design program.

I am actively involved in community initiatives such as and Pixelles, an organization dedicated to promoting gender diversity in gaming. I am also the president of the Montreal Indie Game Awards, an initiative celebrating local indie game development.

My journey blends a game design, content creation, production, and marketing background fueled by a passion for community engagement. Armed with a postgraduate degree in game design from Université de Montréal, I specialize in infusing social features and communications to elevate player experiences. With a track record of consultancy for various indie studios and leadership in community projects, including game jams and mentoring programs, I bring a firsthand understanding of industry trends and innovation.

Join me as I share insights at the crossroads of leadership, creativity, team-building and the dynamic world of game development.

Talks and Workshops

I'm available to speak or organize workshops on a variety of topics tailored to your needs. Share your interests, and let's create an engaging and customized experience for your audience or team.





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